Biometrics: Benefits of access control

Imagine being able to control access from some area, using a practically insurmountable form of security item. It may seem very costly, but it is a technology that is currently incorporated into everyday life, as we have already discussed here: biometrics.

Today, we will explore what are the benefits of access control through it:

Simple storage of information

Some devices store biometric images (those that capture impressions and perform checks) on their own hardware, thus avoiding costs with database and personal resources to keep them.

Much more security

Considering that access can only be released through the biometric identification of a person, it is concluded that security is guaranteed. This discontinues the miss use of passwords by more than one user or the disorganization of the responsibilities of those who access the given area.

Passwords can be forgotten

They won’t be used. The digital itself replaces passwords, this makes everything easier and more practical in a position where organization and security should be prioritized.

Many employers, many impressions, need time to perform the various tasks, margins of error in the execution of the jobs… The list of items impacting the corporate print environment can be long and therefore there is a need for optimization – of time and resources. Thinking about it, two points have attention, when we are aware that biometrics is an ally:


The economy with other means of authentication

A user’s own digital will replace the need to enter your password, whenever you print something, making this task/operation more practical, removing the need for other devices, and saving time.


Agility in the flow of impressions

In addition to the security gained, biometric authentication needs to work in partnership with a complete software that truly optimizes the flow of impressions. Thus, the goal of gaining a truly working optimized printing environment can be achieved.

We prepared a post telling you how we make printing environments much more productive and safe, using biometrics and so many other innovative items, check here!



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