Digital biometrics: day-to-day applications

Biometrics is more common than we think in our day-to-day; withdraw money from the bank, vote, make documentation and, as nddPrint, to make printing. Biometrics is, above all, an item that attest to safety.

The word biometrics means biological measurement, being the study of the physical (and even behavioral) characteristics of each person. It is this study that transforms a BODY element into a password, a practically insurmountable form of security, if we think of the day-to-day run and full of obstacles faced so that we have more time.

We are talking about one of the safest methods (literally) because it uses personal characteristics and also makes processes more practical. In addition, it is important that we think about all the technological innovation involved, since it is an item that works only with what is necessary, without extending processes or complicating it in the day-to-day.

Biometric identification steps work like this:


We have experience with this application related to safe releases, know how we do it in the area of impressions, and know the benefits of access control, click here.



Thinking of a more practical and safe future begins with everyday applications.

That’s why we also work on this innovative feature in our solutions. Check out how we do it!

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